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Office: 1 866 870 1519    or     618 526 8378     Walt: 314 677 7685    
Walt: located in breese   Chris: located in St Louis

About is a company based in Breese, IL with technicians in Breese IL, Okawville IL, and Saint Louis MO. We bring a combined total of over 30 years of Electronic, Network, and computer experience to support you.

We are proud to be taking over Action Computers onsite customers.  We will continue to support those customers in the same manner that John and I supported them as the Action Computer Onsite Team.  We will continue to honor the current price agreements that you had with action Computer.  The only change is that for a while we will need to receive payment at the time of service

Call us at 1 866 870 1519,  618 526 8378, or  314 677 7685.
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