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Hello this is Walt the lead onsite technician for  We have been looking for an Off Site Data backup solution for our customer and are very excited because we have found and tested a solution we believe to be the number one choice.  We have found that it will work with most of the systems we support and we will be glade to set it up for you and test it. Here is the information about it. Please feel free to call me or John and we can discuss you particular set up. Or call if you just have a question.

Carbonite off site backup solution:

Will backup data on your computer / server (internal drives only, the first backup may take several days to complete)

Does Not back up data on USB or network drives

Does Not backup system files

Does Not back up files for a full system restore.

Starts backing up10 minutes after you save the file

If you modify a file and save it, Carbonite will wait 10 minutes and then backup the modified file. If you then modify the file again, Carbonite may wait up to 24 hours before backing up the file again.

Your Carbonite subscription is associated with a 'backup policy' which determines whether a file is, by default, included or excluded from backup. Online PC Backup backs up all files except for:
System files such as .EXE and .DLL files (an exhaustive list of these extensions is available upon request)
Files in known system and temporary folders such as the C:/Windows folder
Files contained in hidden system folders (a.k.a super-hidden folders)
Files which are over 4GB in size (however, you can add large files to your backup explicitly by right-clicking on them and selecting 'Back this up')
Video files (but you can add video files to your backup by right-clicking on them and selecting 'Back this up', or right-clicking on a folder and selecting 'Back up Video files in this folder')
Files on non-permanent disk drives (e.g., network and removable USB drives)

Saves revision levels:


Carbonite will keep up to 3 months worth of old versions of the files in your backup. For example, if you edit a document daily over the course of three months, Carbonite will save one version for each of the previous 7 days, one version for each of the prior 3 weeks, and one version for each of the prior 2 months.

Saves deleted files for 30 days


Is easy to set up and select files to backup


Single file restore is only a few clicks away

Major restores can take several days.

We will install and test it on your Computer / server and help select which files you need backed up and review your setup each year for only $125.00 per year. 

Or you can follow this link (click on picture below) and install, set up, and maintain it your self for only $49.99 per year

Protect your files with Carbonite Online Backup



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